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Our mall has a variety of vendors with unique products, services and retail items. You can check out our new tenants and current stores below!

Say hello to our new tenants!

We love having new tenants in our mall! Check out some of the new stores we’ve just welcomed to our community. 

our store directory


unit 302 C,D

African Natural Herbs

unit 303 E


UNIT 303 G,I,J

Mary Hair Braiding Salon

unit 400 D

Delight International Kitchen

Unit 201

Gold Standard Beauty Salon

Unit 103

Em & Em Asian Halal Groceries

unit 300 A,B,C

Summit Tech Stc.

unit 403 b

Discount Insurance

Unit 300

Fashion Art

unit 603 H,J

Wireless Cover

Unit 301 C,D,E,F

Christlee L. Prinston

unit 302 A

Body Everything

unit 302
unit 500 B,C,D

Basma African Hair Braiding

unit 602 g,H

CBD Replete

unit 604 A,b
unit 303 a, c, d,e

Smax Snax

unit 302 e,f

Fitnah Free Enterprises

unit 703 J,I
unit 703 a

Porsha Pink Boutique

unit 703 c

Tracina's Boutique

Unit 302 g,h

AH Home Decoration

unit 800 A,B

Bitanya Hand Made

unit 604 C
unit 400 a,b

Mohammad Syed

unit 401 c

Starkenia Onamuti

unit 401 D,a,b
unit 402 A

Syrian Community Network

unit 800 D

Smart World Tech

unit 402 b
unit 802 k,L

Adila & Zen Beauty

unit 402 c

Queen's Beauty, LLC

unit 402 a

Shop 630 Collection

unit 500 a

Kim B Mckenzie

Unit 502 A

JBF African Store

unit 502 b

Lesproduits Nenette

UNIT 502 D
unit 403 c,d - 404 a,b,c

Dollar Plus & Food Mart

unit 503 b
unit 503 d,c
unit 603 j,k,l
unit 601 e

Halima Ali Boutique

unit 603 I
unit 601 g
unit 804 d,c

Keishia K. Mosley

unit 602 b
Unit 602 c
unit 602 f

K.Blanco Brand

unit 603 A ,B
unit 603 d
unit 603 e,f

Kani Market

unit 603 g
unit 604 d
unit 700 a,b

African Market

Unit 700 f,g,h
unit 701 d,e

Tree of Life Reiki & Botanical

Unit 702 c
unit 702 e,f

D&D Urban Kloset

unit 702 h,i
unit 703 b
unit 703 d

Sweetheart Deals

Unit 703 f

Exclusive Writes Publishing, LLC

unit 801-A
Unit 801 b

E Ink 100

Unit 801 E

Luscious Beauty

unit 801 h
unit 801 i
unit 801 j

K&C Trends

unit 801 K,L
unit 802 c
unit 802 g,h,i

Queen Jewelz Boutique

unit 803 d
unit 803 g,h,i

Lama Hair Braiding

unit 803 k,l
unit 804 a
unit 901 A

Felix M. Kawanga

unit 901 C
unit 902 a
unit 902 b

Simply Morgans

unit 902 C
Unit 903 a, b

Renewz Alterations

unit 903 d
Unit 904 a
unit 904 B

Haven Hair & Nails Studio

unit 904 c

Juiced Hair Salon & Beauty

unit 904 E
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